Advanced Visual Basic 6
Power Techniques for Everyday Programs

Matthew Curland

This book takes you to places that no other book on VB and COM has ever dared go. If you're a Visual Basic developer who refuses to recognize the commonly accepted limitations of VB, this book is definitely for you. You'll learn programming techniques that will give your applications unbelievable boosts in performance and flexibility. - Ted Pattison

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CD Setup
   The book no longer ships with a CD. Install before overlaying updates.
CD Updates (Major update: May, 2002 Latest ReadMe, Bug Fixes)
   This CD update adds full add-in support for Windows 95/98/Me, and VB5 versions of all add-ins. You also get a new add-in, OCASweeper.dll, that automatically replaces any reference to an OCA in your built executable with the correct reference in the corresponding OCX. See the ReadMe for other new features.
Text Corrections (Updated October 2001)
Evaluation Type Library Editor
Type Library Editor Documentation
Import Table Patch (Q281913)
Console Application Add-In

Key topics include:
Control VB array variables explicitly to directly access arbitrary memory locations
    Aggregate complete interface implementations into any VB object
    Lightweight COM objects
    Create and manage threads
    Call pointers to standard, cdecl, and class module functions
    Override functions on any interface
    Minimize memory usage in systems with a large number of objects
    Interact with messages to customize UserControls

Email Matt New Address After 11 years at Microsoft, and 4 as the .NET Tools Architect at Neumont University, Matt is now working independently on tools targeting the Object-Role Modeling methodology.